New project – crystal lamp

This project was created by accident. I had free week, which I spent with my kids wandering around Gdansk. We visited many places like:

  • Museum of Amber
  • Flipperstacja
  • Ice Skating
  • Reda Aquapark and the Sharks
  • Museum of Natural History on Gdansk University

and by accident we encountered this little shop with minerals in shopping mall Madison:

I and my younger son are fans of all kind of minerals and stones. We love admiring them, possess them and making jewellery with them. In the shopwindow we noticed lamps made of crystal minerals, so our first thought was: „We want to have this lamp at home!”. Then I reminded myself that actually I have some optical fiber at home, lying in the drawer and waiting for the next hobby appliance.

So after coming back home, I asked my husband to create project of our ideal lamp acc. to my drawing. He modelled it in 3D program, called Fusion360. Below you can see the first draft:

Printout on 3D printer took next 10h. It consisted of 3 different parts: base and 2 „azures handle”. Everything was glued together using 3D pencil (I thought, that I bought this toy for myself, but it is mainly used by my kids;)). Then I assembled optical fibre and battery powered controller. Minerals were glued together with my son using simple super glue.

We used following minerals, usually used in chacrotherapy, like: amethyst, pink quarz, aventurine, rainbow stone. However lamp is not used for this purpose;)

And here is the final result of our last experiment, which took almost a week to finish:

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