Summary of 2022

As this year comes to the end and it was one of the most intensive, challenging and surprising year for me I would like to write some summary of it:

Personal goals:

  • starting physical excercies: started yoga practises again, enrolled for zumba and salsation
  • participated in yoga camp and checked meditation sessions, releasing emotions sessions
  • 5 different trips during this year: WarmiaSpa and Olsztyn with medieval castle, Poznan and Biskupin with the first prehistoric settlement, Orientarium in Lodz and Uniejow Terms, Szklarska Poreba and SkyWalk, Yoga camp nearby Gdansk
  • flied in flight symulator of Airbus 320, flight spotting in GDN airport
  • changed job for more entertaining and less stressful
  • read lots of new books

Professional goals:

  • finally have job which requires to learn lots of new stuff, which will be later useful
  • found new perspective
  • learned AWS and some other new technologies
  • successful migration of SwissAir TST system to MsAzure

Other stuff, which also happened: death of my mother. I hope she is in better world now and can speak to English queen.

I hope the New Year will be even better than the previous one.

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