Intelligent jewellery

What is it?

Acc. to: :

„Smart jewelry is a subcategory of wearable devices. Compared with conventional jewelry, smart jewelry has advantages such as beautified appearance, wearability, and practicability. As an emerging category, smart jewelry has attracted much attention from developers and consumers, but it is still at an initial stage of development and is faced with arduous difficulties and challenges. „

I was interested in this topic for a while, as it combines 2 of my hobbies: making jewellery and IoT. I was courius whether they can be combined together. The first research done by uncle Google showed that this kind of jewellery is mainly used as health monitoring, message notification, motion monitoring, event reminders, photo taking, and GPS positioning. Then I thought that this usage is similar to smartbands and as I am not interested in sport too much it would be useless for me.

After sometime I found this device: Smartband BELLABEAT Leaf Chakra :

Then it was still too expensive for me to buy it just for testing purposes. Acc. to vendor:
„The Wellness Tracker by Bellabeat is made with natural crystals, hypoallergenic stainless steel and wood composite. The Leaf Chakra Wellness and Health Tracker combines fashion with function to take your well-being to a new level. You can even wear the tracker as a piece of jewelry. By tracking activities, sleep, and susceptibility to stress, you can gain insight into your physical well-being and thus be able to counteract stress in advance. The Leaf Chakra will tell you in good time before the stress can break out, so you can get some rest early. The Wellness Tracker helps you track your monthly cycle and recognize fertile days.”

So it is perfect for women and besides of that it is pretty.

This month finally I could afford that and have my own device at home. I must admit that it works very well, integrates with GoogleFit [as recently I am also testing steps tracker] and have very interesting Android application. Even if you don’t believe in psychological tricks like me, you can find very interesting functions like:

  • tracing your activities like yoga practise, biking, swimming or other
  • meditation sessions
  • proposals for relaxation trainings
  • articles about health
  • reminders of needed medical tests

Strongly recommend!

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