IBM Watson in IBM Cloud – how difficult is to set up your own chatbot

Recently I have been testing how difficult is to create your own chatbot. I followed this tutorial:

using this data as default FAQ data for my chatbot:

as the chatbot was intended as chatbot talking about Minecraft with my son.

It took me about 2hours to get not so bad result (including several mistakes during setting up the Watson Assistant and IBM Cloud functions). As for the first time I think that it went quite well with following result:

Chatbot requires some adjustements, that’s why it is not integrated on my blog yet. When I introduce them it will be internal part of my blog as integration is easy as piece of cake-it is just simple javascript;)

03.05.2021 EDIT: Chatbot was adjusted:

  • changed language to Polish
  • trained again the model

It is available for testing in the right down corner for all of the users. Enjoy!

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