2019 – summary and plans for the next year

This year was very special for me as it was very intensive and interresting.


  • 4 times described in employees newsletter (for all the computer programms I participated in implementation or was main contributor)
  • award at work for the last „Bussiness Intelligence” project and doing things, which are considered to be impossible
  • 3 fullfilled private dreams (and now I am afraid to dream abt sth new if these dreams were fulllfilled so easily)
  • 5 abroad trips in one year (4 of them were duty trips)
  • knowledge of German at acceptable level
  • being a mentor for junior software engineer (the hardest thing ever!)


  • privately: 2 very important persons in my family died
  • unbalance in work-life
  • lots of stress (unfinished projects, bad communication, chaos at work, doing 5 things at the same time), what caused problems with health -stomachitis – don’t recommend

Plans for the new year:

  • work on life-work balance!
  • fullfill one of my dreams from the list;) – this time it will be „Ship Journey on Mediterranean Sea” with Royal Carribean or other company
  • create new game for my kids using Unity library
  • finish unfinished projects at work
  • learn:
    • MS Azure better to be able to do sth more usefull than this year
    • finish „Business Intelligence Analyst course”
    • R language for BI
    • become Bussiness Intelligence Analyst

For all readers of my blog I would like to wish:

All the best for the New Year !!! and Dare to try doing things, which are difficult!!!

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