Omnitracker monitoring

For time critical systems it is recommended to proactively monitor them in real-time. If you use Omnitracker for more than 100 users I would recommend to ensure this system working smoothly.

Here are some metrics, which should be checked as recommended by Omninet:

  • Service availability (of all OMNITRACKER services for every instance)
  • Availability of relevant Windows services (IIS, SQL)
  • OMNITRACKER Web Gateway (Availability and Performance)
  • Availability and performance of OMNITRACKER databases
  • OMNITRACKER login performance (incl. Web-Gateway login check)
  • OMNITRACKER write performance (incl. Web-Gateway write check)
  • OMNITRACKER service processor utilization
  • OMNITRACKER service memory utilization
  • Server total processor utilization
  • Server total memory utilization
  • Network interface utilization
  • Available disk space

How can it be achieved?

  • there are many different ways – using Prometheus, Dynatrace oraz just simple set of Powershellscripts
  • My approach is based on usage of Nagios as the main monitoring engine with following Windows plugin:
  • NSCA++

Nagios uses its own check_nrpe plugin, which repeatedly send requests to NSCA++ client.

Here’s brief description on how to set up NSCA++ with Nagios :

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