Omnitracker – autoarchivization

Without autoarchivization OT administrator has to once a year/month review all the folders and create subfolders with proper date and exclude them from main OT Index. Otherwise your OT index grows so fast that Omnitracker perfomance is really bad (imagine 4GB Index file).

In order to have all your folders autoarchivized, use below script:

 Autoarchivization script
'Constants and variables

Dim fld, FldArchive, FldNewYear

Dim y, strFolderName, strFolderArchive

Dim Filter, Requests, req

strFolderArchive = "FolderName\ClosedRequests"

Set FldArchive = ActiveSession.GetRequestFolderByPath(strFolderArchive)

Set Filter = FldArchive.MakeFilter

Set Requests = FldArchive.Search(Filter, False)

For Each req In Requests

If Not req.UserFields("CreationDate").IsNull Then

y = Year(req.UserFields("CreationDate").Value)

On Error Resume Next


strFolderName = strFolderArchive & "\" & y

Set fld = ActiveSession.GetRequestFolderByPath(CStr(strFolderName))

If Err.number = 0 Then

'folder exist - move req to proper folder



Set FldNewYear = ActiveSession.RequestFolders.Add(y, y, FldArchive)

If Err.No <> 0 Then

LogMessage "Error creating folder:" & Err.No & Err.Description


'move request to new folder


End If
End If
End If

This script should be added in ‚Scripts’ section for every folder, which should be archivized. Remember to turn off searching in archivized folders by excluding them on tab ‚Full-text search’. If you still want to include archivized folders in Full-text search, then minimize list of fields which should be used for that.
Script should be attached as Scheduled Job to OT Task Scheduler as shown below.

Now you can sleep calm – all your folders and requests will be archivized in proper manner and will be excluded from OT index. However there will be still possibility to search requests via Filters.

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