AWS types of LoadBalancers and their comaprison to MsAzure LoadBalancer

Criteria Amazon Elastic Load BalancerAzure Load Balancer
DefinitionComplete assortment of load balancing services for distributing application traffic throughout multiple targets.One of the load balancing solutions offered by Microsoft Azure is a layer 4 load balancing service for all inbound and outbound UDP/TCP protocols.
TypesUsers can access four different load balancers such as:
Application load balancer
Gateway load balancer
Classic load balancer
Network load balancer
Users could use two types of load balancers such as:
Public load balancer
Internal load balancers
High performance
Zero trust network security model
Reasons to UseEase of scalability
High performance
Hybrid cloud support
Multiple load balancer functionalities  Integration with AWS services
Doesn’t store customer data
The flexibility of selecting backend pool instances

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