Summer weekend – July

We have travelled on my last namesday in July to see SkyWalk in Świeradów Zdrój.

This trip took 4 days during 23-26.07.2022. It was my namesday gift.

We started from Gdansk early in the morning down to Bydgoszcz, Leszno, Legnica and finally arrived in Szklarska Poreba.

We drove by highway A1 with some pitstops. The whole journey one way took about 10hours with obligatory photos in Jelenia Gora.

The legend of city’s funding is very interesting. It dates back to the time of Boleslaw Krzywousty, who ventured into the forests along the Beaver River to hunt. Together with his companions, he roamed the forests until he encountered a mature and beautiful deer.

The largest deer with dewy antlers escaped him into the woods, and Boleslaw launched himself in pursuit. He was not successful in this chase, so the hunters lay down to sleep on one of the hills. The deer, which Boleslaw managed to hunt, soon appeared there as well. However, he felt grief when he saw the animal’s tears, and as a souvenir, he ordered that a stronghold be established at the site and named it Deer Mountain.

Having spent one night in Stone Hill apartaments, we headed to Swieradow-Zdroj and its Skywalk. What is Skywalk, you could ask?

Acc. to architects of this tower: it is attractive construction complemented by the adrenaline adventures, educational and cultural elements, which you will encounter during your 850-metre journey along gracefully twisting footbridges. Climb to the top, rest on a drop-shaped net or step out onto a glass platform and experience an unforgettable feeling as if you are floating in the air.

Next point in our trip was: gondola rail to Stóg Izerski – height 1060 meters above see level. My kids were delighted as it was their first time on this kind of rail. After having this lovely experience we got hungry and decided to head to Park Zdrojowy in Swieradow-Zdroj. We drank healhty water and ate delicious dinner.

Then we went to Zamek Czocha. This castle is very special as it dates to 13th century and its origin is unclear. One legend say it was build by Czech, the other that by Germans. The most interesting part of history of this caste starts in 20th century, when it was bought by German fabricant: Ernst Gütschow. He rebuilt this castle entirely and what is courious about it, that he designed and built lots of secret passages. Thanks to them castle during 2nd World War practically was unconquerable. The castle was used during making several movies: „Gdzie jest general”, „Dolina szczescia”, „Wiedzmin”, „Tajemnica twierdzy szyfrow”.

The last attraction of this day was „Zakręt śmierci” – the most dangerous turn in Poland.

Next day we went to special kind of warm swimming pools – Termy Cieplice. Water in almost of the swimming pools reached 30-35 Celcjus degrees, several waterslides, rain showers. Just pure fun!

Afterwards we headed towards Zamek Chojnik – mideaval castle on the top of the mountain. Interesting legend of this castle says:

The daughter of the castellan at Chojnice Castle, Kunegudna, was famous for her cruelty : anyone who sought her hand had to go around the castle walls on horseback – how difficult a task, you can see for yourself! The daredevils fell off the wall onto the rocks and lost their lives. When finally one of the knights managed to get away with this dangerous ordeal, he himself refused to marry Kunegunda. In despair, the castellan’s daughter jumped from the castle tower. However, it is not she who haunts the castle, more often the ghost of a knight on horseback is seen here.

One of the last point of our trip was „Excibition of Lego bricks”. I assume it doesn’t need any explanation.

On the last day we went to see Szklarka Cascade as you can see on the last photos.

Here is short overview of all the places we have seen this time:

And here is an advertisement of Skywalk:

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