Kafka and Kafka-connect

I have tried to learn Kafka 3 times already. The first time was Infoshare conference and superb lecture on Kafka. Then I thought it is strange architecture. 2nd time in my company during internal training, installed it at home and checked what is the flavour of it. It seemed like queue system, like TIBCO with much more power. The 3rd time I tried this training from Confluent: What is Kafka, and How Does it Work? A Tutorial for Beginners (confluent.io)

What is Kafka Connect? A Complete Introduction (confluent.io)

And finally understand the power of this streaming system. As far as I remeber I always wanted to have possibility to transform data before sending it to external system or transform it before receiving it in external system. Kafka-connect and its schema registry makes it easy to transfer many different types of data in the same topic.

This solution is used by Lufthansa:

but also other companies:
Kafka Case Studies – Dattell

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