Baltic Robbo Battles 2021 – introduction

As new year come and we have some more free time in summer, we again decided to participate in BalticRobbo Battles. This year we will start with 3 robots – 2 kids robots. One will be based on Lego Boost, the second will be made of carton and third one – RaspberryPI with chasis. There will be one more robot- but we will not reveal the secret now. You will find out during the contest.

This time task for third robot will be simple – to make an inspection of room and recognize objects seen by camera. Each object will be then classsified acc. to Tensorflow YOLO CNN (using mobilnet model) to chosen category. Acc. to detected category robot will assign chosen object as edible or inedible. This time robot will be steered via remote controller and results will be shown on Android app written in new programming language Dart.

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