RaspberryPI – project for „Baltic Robo Battles” 15 – Android app

It took me a while to figure out on how to connect from my Android cellphone to ActianZenDB. This time standard tutorial from Actian didn’t work at all. I even asked for help on Actian forum – but somehow advices given there didn’t work for me:


However after reading half of ActianZen Help, finally I found the solution, by accident;)

The solution is simple as a piece of cake…the answer is:

  • usage of JDBC connector
  • usage of standard Java libraries from ActianZen:
    • jpscs.jar
    • pvjdbc2.jar
    • pvjdbc2x.jar
  • database operations/connections should be opaqued in AsyncTask
  • following permissions should be added to AndroidManifest.xml
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE" />

and here is example on how this connection should look like in source code:

public class ThiefCatcher extends AppCompatActivity {
    private static final String TAG = "ThiefCatcher";
    private String mThief="";
    private TextView mTextView;
    private ImageView mImgView;

    protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        new ConnectToDB().execute("");

private class ConnectToDB extends AsyncTask<String, Void, Long> {
protected Long doInBackground(String... strings) {

String lth,ldate;
long ret=1L;

try {
Log.i(TAG,"Driver loaded");
} catch (ClassNotFoundException e) {

Log.i(TAG,"before connection");
try {
Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:pervasive://yourIP:odbc_port/maindb", "user", "passwd");

Log.i(TAG, "Connected:"+conn.toString());

try {
Statement stmt= conn.createStatement(ResultSet.TYPE_SCROLL_INSENSITIVE,

ResultSet rs = stmt.executeQuery("select top 1 image_name,timestamp from images");
Log.i(TAG,"selected from images!");

while (rs.next()) {

Log.i(TAG,"returned from DB:"+mThief);

Log.i(TAG,"Closing result set");

Log.i(TAG,"closing statement");
}catch (SQLException e)
}finally {
Log.i(TAG,"closing connection");
catch (SQLException e) {

return ret;

protected void onProgressUpdate(Integer... progress) {


protected void onPostExecute(Long result) {

if (result==1) {
Log.i(TAG, mThief);
mTextView = (TextView) findViewById(R.id.thiefTitle);
String[] str_arr = mThief.split(";");

if (str_arr.length > 1) {
str_arr[0] = str_arr[0].trim();
mTextView.setText("Thief caught at:"+str_arr[1]);

Toast.makeText(ThiefCatcher.this,"Cannot connecto to DB - check VLAN!",Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();


After applying all of mentioned recipe and added some nice GUI, my application connects now to my Windows server as well as RaspberryPI robot and display last caught thief:

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