Baltic Robo Battles 2019

Today we have again vistied Baltic Robo Games.

Unfortunately due to my husband’s company meeting next week, our robot wasn’t presented on that event, as it is still in progress.

However research was made and just now we know what should be improved to make it working again. Suppousingly new approach to chasis will be done – as we found out, that it would be more advisable to print it using 3D printer and then apply soldering to our Rapaberry PI „motherboard”.

Here are some photos of robots, which we liked the most:

  1. Mars Rover by students of Electronics, Telekomunication and Informatics faculty of Technology University in Gdansk
  2. Robot „Wired” – working as catcher of parts printed on 3D printer and placing it on production band and rejecting bad parts by image recognition
  3. Robot, which makes squats
  4. Some Mindstorm robots built by my sons

and short relation from

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